At Land & Water Engineering Science we offer our clients the best possible economic, social and environmental value by delivering integrated sustainable solutions in land development and water resources management.

We believe that balanced sustainable solutions result in sound choices and decisions that are resource sensitive and provide private and public sector opportunities for economic growth and development. We create quality and diverse places where people can live, work and play.

Our Stormwater services specialize in providing solutions to assist communities in developing, prioritizing, and implementing Capital Improvement Programs that emphasize multi-objective management solutions for their watersheds, such as flooding control and abatement, water quality improvement strategies and TMDLs, habitat protection/preservation, and recreational uses/educational opportunities.

Our Civil Engineering services stretch across the community to create thought-provoking environments that stimulate the senses of our belonging, and heighten people’s awareness of their surroundings. Whether we are designing a roadway corridor, commercial sites or subdivisions; we link sustainable growth to citizens through effective planning, modeling, and implementation. We plan and design safe drinking water supply lines and wastewater collection systems. We seek innovative solutions that meet specific needs and site conditions, while providing permitting support services for all the design activities.